Male Gynaecomastia
Large breasts in men are common. It is estimated that 1/3 of the male population experience this problem at some stage of its life. Frequently during pubertal growth and young adult stage- one can develop gynaecomastia.This obviously can become distressing, playing with the psyche of the affected individual and can become a source of embarrassment. At times this is due to certain medication drugs or some transient hormonal imbalances, which produce a development of breast tissue which does not always revert back on stopping the medication.
   The Surgery
In majority of patients- a surgical procedure of excision of gland either alone or combined with a liposculpture is the treatment. The procedure can be done under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation if the involved area is smaller.

   A Brief Outline Of The Procedure
» Anaesthesia : General / Local
» Duration of Surgery : 2-4 hours
» Stitches : Self absorbable/ Staples - removable in 1 week
» Hospital Duration : Same day discharge
» Recovery Time : Walking and light meal same day
» Daily Routine : Combing hair,dressing, eating: On the next day of surgery
» Daily Household Work : Light household work : After 1 week
» Light Activities : Morning walk: After 2nd  week
Heavy work like Weight lifting etc: 3-4 months onwards
» How is it Done : Simply speaking – a semi-circular incision is made at the areola junction to make it inconspicuous.The areola skin is lifted up from the underlying breast and excess of fibrosed/glandular breast tissue is removed from the planned areas.This procedure can be combined with the liposuction procedure depending upon the case requirement for optimal results.
   Planning Your Surgery-Thorough Approach Step One : Consultation
The first interaction with Dr.Kumar will be a detailed discussion explaining the procedures,your requirements and deciding the best possible procedure which would benefit you. It would include a thorough assessment of your skin quality,amount of excess breast tissue, its type –whether glandular or fibrous tissue,and areas of extent.Remember a good result depends on the best possible procedure for that individual considering his/her parameters and not a generalized approach for all the patients.

You will be best advised & explained regarding the current status and the possible options which could benefit you from the surgery. One can see the representative clinical pictures of patients to be satisfied before deciding for a procedure.One should be well prepared with the medical history (if any) at the time of consultation.This would include any information about medical conditions, drug allergies, medical treatments received, previous surgeries.Depending upon the individual one can consider combining a liposculpture along with surgical removal of excess breast tissue for optimal results. Routine diagnostic tests will be ordered. Step Two : Preoperative Evaluation
Once the decision to undergo surgery has been taken, patient is assessed for fitness for anaesthesia & surgery. Dr. Kumar will examine the chest,its measurements and clinical photographs for the medical record. The skin quality, amount of excess breast tissue will be noted.The consent forms along with detailed preoperative instructions would be given. Step Three : Surgery
The patient has to report to the hospital on the day of surgery. The chest markings would be done in standing position before going to the operating room for better judgement of desired shape. The operation will be performed under general anaesthesia and would be pain free. Step Four : After Surgery
The patient is fully conscious soon after surgery and padded dressings are given over the operated site.The patient is usually discharged on the same day. Step Five : Recovery
Small dressings would be there for around 7 days ,normal walking, eating & routine household activities can be started the next day.Light work can be resumed within a weeks time.By 2nd week the patient is normal and can resume his normal activities.The results can be appreciated after 4 weeks.

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