Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) - Body Procedure
The most common part to get out of shape is the abdomen due to numerous reasons like pregnancy, weight gain,various illnesses.Getting out of shape is one of the scariest sins in today’s world.Not only it is harmful for the overall health but can get embarrising & humiliating in ones life. It happens because of the accumulation of fat below the skin, excess of loose skin  due to stretching and or loss of tone of the abdominal muscles.

Thankfully there are ample options available in the field of plastic surgery.Surgeries like abdominoplasty,liposuction etc are now considered as healthy, approachable & affordable options. The Abdominoplasty involves removing excess fat and loose hanging skin along with tightening of the lax abdominal muscles to achieve a flatter abdomen.
Anyone having  one or more of the following criteria is considered to be a good candidate for abdominoplasty:

  • Folowing pregnancy a abdomen with stretch marks and hanging skin fold.
  • Post caesarean section bulging abdomen with or without hernia or a vertical scar on lower abdomen.
  • A male or female with protuberant abdomen and loose hanging fold of skin.

   A Brief Outline Of The Procedure
» Anaesthesia : General
» Duration of Surgery : 2-4 hours
» Stitches : Self absorbable/ Staples - removable in 1 week
» Hospital Duration : 1-2 days
» Recovery Time : Walking and light meal same day
» Daily Routine : Combing hair,dressing, eating: On the day of surgery
» Daily Household Work : Light household work like cooking,dusting etc : After 1 week
» Light Activities : Morning walk: After 2nd  week
Heavy work like Weight lifting etc: 4-5 months onwards
» How is it Done : Simply speaking -a linear cut is made very low horizontally over the abdomen, within the undergarment line,in the place where caesarean section scar is placed. The skin is lifted up from the underlying muscles, pulled down and excess of fat and skin is removed keeping the umbilicus(belly button) in its intact position.The final suture-line and the scar is very low set and remains hidden within the undergarments .This procedure can be combined with  the liposuction procedure depending upon the case requirement for optimal results.
   Planning Your Surgery-Thorough Approach

http://www.drpritishukla.com/images/star_img.jpg Step One : Consultation
The first interaction with Dr.Kumar will be a detailed discussion explaining the procedures,your requirements and deciding the best possible procedure which would benefit you. It would include a thorough assessment of your skin quality,amount of excess skin,the present tone of the abdominal muscles & hernial sites.Remember  a good result depends on the best possible procedure for that individual considering his/her parameters and not a generalized approach for all the patients.

You will be best advised & explained regarding the current status and the possible options which could benefit you from the surgery. One can see the representative clinical pictures of patients to be satisfied before deciding for a procedure.One should be well prepared with the medical history (if any) at the time of consultation.This would include any information about medical conditions, drug allergies, medical treatments received, previous surgeries.Depending upon the individual one can consider combining an abdominoplasty along  with liposuction of the thighs for optimal results. Routine diagnostic tests will be ordered.

http://www.drpritishukla.com/images/star_img.jpg Step Two : Preoperative Evaluation
Once the decision to undergo surgery has been taken, patient is assessed for fitness for anaesthesia & surgery. Dr. Kumar will examine the abdomen,its measurements and clinical photographs for the medical record. The skin quality, amount of fat deposited, tone of muscles and presence of any hernia or scar will be noted. If hernia is suspected a USG will be mandatory.The consent forms along with detailed preoperative instructions would be given.

http://www.drpritishukla.com/images/star_img.jpg Step Three : Surgery
The patient has to report to the hospital on the day of surgery. The abdominal markings would be done in standing position before going to the operating room for better judgement of desired shape. The operation will be performed under general anaesthesia and would be pain free.

http://www.drpritishukla.com/images/star_img.jpg Step Four : After Surgery
The patient is fully conscious soon after surgery and an abdominal binder is given over the dressings.Drains (tubes) are usually removed the next morning and patient is usually discharged on the next day.

http://www.drpritishukla.com/images/star_img.jpg Step Five : Recovery
The dressings would be there for around 10 days, and theabdominal binder for4- 6 weeks& light work can be resumed within1-2weeks.By 3-4 weeks the patient is normal and can resume his normal activities.The results can be appreciated after 4weeks.

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