Acne & Scars
Scars are the result of  injury to the skin of the body either by trauma or it could be itrogenic(as a result of some surgical intervention) leading to improper wound management of the affected individual or it may be as a inherent  healing response of the body of the individual. The management requires an assessment by an expert plastic surgeon (often  referred to as the “wound Healers”) who can assess the skin for the development of the scars and take appropriate measures to make the scars as inconspicuous as possible. The scars are of varied types and  categories.These are :
  • Post –Traumatic Scars: These are the most commonest scars which can be prevented or made as subtle as possible which with due care and operative techniques can make the final result aesthetically more pleasing  as compared to that given by any ordinary  doctor. It should be emphasized here that the best results are possible at primary repair during the trauma and all other secondary procedures are complex corrective measures of the faults of the primary repair. The patients should be aware and  insist on demanding the repair to be done by a qualified skilled Plastic Surgeon. It is worthwhile to mention that it is wise and desirable to insist and invest for a superior result rather than get a avoidable unpleasant scar with deformities and invest heavily in complex secondary procedures to get a satisfactory result adding to the expense and  psychological trauma to the suffering patients. It becomes further significant  if the affected patient is a young female/male, children and adolescents with trauma over face, exposed parts of the body like hands, forearm, arm , legs.  

Mere suturing of the wound without the knowledge of intricacies involved in wound healing brings about the poor results. Be aware and insist on the repair to be done by a qualified skilled plastic surgeon on the day of injury for better healing and cosmetically superior results.

ACNE SCARS:Acne is the most common skin complaint of the adolescent and the young aged males and females as a result of  the hormonal changes during this period of life. The scars resulting from the healing of the scars either spontaneously or following self inflicted injury in a temptation to get rid of the acne at the earliest results in an abnormal scar. The scar may look cosmetically more distressing to the patient and add to the distress of the individual. There are certain medication regimes which could improve the acne appearance if they are subtle but severe and deep scars may require a surgical intervention.

These scars are the result of  severe or deep wounds with abnormal wound healing tendency. These scars  are ugly looking, can be painful, with severe itching and may grow in size with time.

SURGICAL, SILICONE SHEETS,GELS, STEROID INJECTIONS, LASERS depending upon the patient and its requirement.

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