Breast Reduction
The breast is reduced by removing part of the mammary gland and extra skin.  The nipple is normally also reduced and placed higher on the breast. This leaves a circular scar around the nipple area with a line down to the breast crease. In time, these scars will lighten and become less noticeable. There are several different methods. The surgeon will discuss them with you to help you choose the best option.

For young girls:
Girls, who have developed large breast at an early age, can undergo lipo-sculpture to reduce the breast and stop the growth of the mammary gland. Thus, when caught in time, breast reduction surgery with large scars can be avoided.

For men:
Excess mammary gland tissue is removed by keyhole surgery, and in some cases, combined with lipo-sculpture. Through a small incision (2cm) in the nipple area small instruments are brought into the body, which allows the surgeon to remove the mammary gland by releasing it carefully from the skin and muscle.

Risk Factor
In some cases, the feeling and sensitivity is temporarily decreased after a nipple correction. Although this may be permanent, generally it returns after a few months.

Permanent loss of feeling in the nipple, resulting in loss of the whole nipple or part of the nipple, is caused by problems with circulation. Smoking is an immediate cause. Smokers can lower their risk by stopping three weeks before surgery and three weeks after. Permanent loss of feeling and circulation problems is uncommon. In high-risk patients the surgery technique may be modified to limit these risks. In general, complications are rare and you will have many years of pleasure with your breast correction.

Recovery Period
The breasts are heavily bandaged immediately following a breast lift or breast reduction surgery. Under each bandaged breast is a drainage tube for discharge of blood and fluid. The tubes are removed after a few days.

We advise you to wear a wireless bra during the day and night for a few weeks after the surgery. Wait until after the surgery to purchase one.

The sutures are generally removed two weeks after the surgery. After a week, daily activities can be resumed, while it is best to wait three weeks with more intense work.

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