Ear Lobes Repair (ELR)
Jewellery has long been a traditional part of the Indian culture especially among the females. Large sized ear jewellery are being worn as part of  traditions,celebrations fashion and even as part of daily routine. Various ear parts are being pierced apart from the ear-lobes which get torn due to
  1. heavy weight jewelleries with time or the holes become larger to hold a jewellery resulting in accidental fall and loss of the expensive jewelries.
  2. As part of traumatic tear of the ear lobe by infants, children of the mothers while in their lap/play.

What is torn?

It is usually the soft lobule of the ear which lacks any cartilage frame-work which gets torn due to the weight of hanging jewelery, even the ear margins can get torn due to heavy and sharp wired jewellery through the cartilage frame-work resulting in poor cosmetic appearance and continous attempt by the affected female to hide it.

How to prevent it ?
It can be prevented by wearing lighter studs for daily wear and wearing of heavier jewellery for as shorter duration as possible /avoid its use. Be careful while playing with children and wear shorter ear jewelries while handling them.

Treatment options:
  1. Straight Line repair: A layered straight line repair can be done  on a day care basis under L.A with painless technique. The beauty of the repair lies in the cosmetic apppearence of the repair with no suture-marks after the repair. The sutures are removed within 5 days and patient can go to his work on the day of surgery if the patient so desires.
  2. Pardue Flap: It is a technique for recreating the hole for the jewellery at the time of closure of the ear lobe tear.
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