Facial Rejuvination
Aging is a biological process. We know that certain factors accelerate it such as: sunlight, tanning beds, smoking, improper use of makeup and dehydration of the skin. Fortunately, the plastic surgeon can help.
Facial aging is found in three forms:

  • Skin and muscle sagging;
  • Loss of elasticity in the skin;
  • Thinning of the skin caused by lack of subcutaneous fat.

These three aging symptoms can not be solved with just one procedure.
The facelift is the most common procedure for collapsed tissue. Deep wrinkles, creases, and groves found on the face and neck can thus be eliminated.
The resurfacing method is the chosen procedure when dealing with shallow wrinkles, brown spots, sun damage, damage caused by smoking, and acne scars. The laser or a buffered Chemical Peel is used for the procedure.
Lipostructure is a procedure in which your own fat is transplanted into areas where thinning has occurred.
Thinning is normally found under the eyes, on the cheeks, and the upper and lower lips.

   Modern Methods of Resurfacing

Wrinkles and loss of elasticity found especially around the eyes and mouth, leave the skin with a dull, unhealthy appearance. There are several resurfacing methods to correct this form of skin damage: laser, mechanical dermabrasion or chemical peeling.
The best approach is to treat the whole face. Deep peelings used on only crowsfeet or wrinkles on the upper lip, often result in a color difference with the untreated part of the face.

   Harmonious Facial Rejuvenation:

a combinatin of facelift, Chemical Peeling and lipofilling.
Most of these procedures can be combined in one session. A skin rejuvenation treatment can be followed up in a second phase following a deep facelift. Lipofilling combines perfectly with either a facelift or the Chemical Peeling.

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