FAQ's Regarding Hair Transplantation

Q. Does Hair Transplantation really work.   Hair transplantation is a time tested & proven surgery with very good results. The transplanted hairs can have shampoo, regular normal hair cut and it re-grows naturally. Results depends on the number of grafts implanted. We at Dr. Kumars –Relook Hair Transplantation Centre have performed 450 cases with excellent results in terms of direction of hairs (360 degrees spatial orientation of the hairs) and close density/sq. cm giving a natural superior cosmetic outcome.

Q. Why increasing number of people are getting it done.
The increasing awareness from the print & electronic media, seeing their favourite  actors, cricketers, commentators and celebrities getting a new Relook after undergoing the procedure and looking much younger than before. Secondly-the increasing demands of certain job-profiles and personal reasons have made the people undergo this safe procedure. Thirdly- a procedure till now considered only for the rich and famous has been brought within the reach of the common-man.
Q.What is UR-Follicular UNIT Grafting.
With the advent of latest techniques in hair graft separation with stereo microscopes, it is possible to make very thin grafts  known as"ultra refined follicular unit grafts". With the incorporation of UR-FUG technique, We at  Dr.Kumar’s Relook Hair Transplant Centre are able to make very thin slits with micro-instruments over the bald area & implant the ultra refined follicular units giving  the most natural look.

Q. How safe it is to undergo hair transplantation.
 It is a safe and superficial procedure with almost no complications. With the advent of the latest techniques, great care is taken to avoid any untoward complications during the procedure or even after the surgery.

Q. How much Painful is the procedure:
The surgery is done under local anesthesia. We at Dr. Kumars Relook Hair Transplantation Centre have devised & innovated certain pain decreasing techniques during the procedure, it has become an almost pain free procedure even for individuals with very low pain threshold. The patient is fully awake during the entire surgery, can watch television, listen music or talk to the surgeon in a relaxed environment.

Q.Are there any Major Complications  Following  the Surgery.
 No major complications are seen with hair transplantation except for mild transient swelling in a few patients over the upper part of face for 1-2 days which is self-limiting & subsides on its own.

Q. Duration of stay in the hospital following hair transplantation:
It is a day care surgery with the procedure taking an average of 6-8hrs depending upon the no. of follicles to be implanted. One can go back walking after 1hr of completion of surgery and take rest at home.

Q.How long will I be away from work?
One can perform his normal home activities on the same day and can resume his office work-from the third day onwards.

Q. Q.Is it only for men, any age limit & how much time it takes for complete re-growth?
A lot of women need & undergo HT, there is no upper age limit, even middle-aged to elderly can undergo the procedure, the time required to see appreciable hair growth is between 6-9 months.

Q.What are the benefits of the latest technique:
 The latest technique involves URFUG method, which gives a cosmetically natural hair growth. This technique gives a far superior hair transplant getting unnoticed by a friend or even the hairdresser.

Q. Will the surgery produce big scar in the donor area:
We at Dr. Kumars Relook Hair Transplantation Centre have incorporated the latest Tricophytic Closure technique-giving a very fine scar at the donor area which remains hidden under the hairs with only a few patients developing a keloid or a detectable scar on very close shaving of the back of the head depending on the healing characteristics of the skin of the patient.

Q. Does it effect the brain:
The entire surgery is done at the level of the superficial layers of the scalp and above the scalp bone so there is no injury or damage to the brain which is below the scalp bone

Q.Can I get a hair cut after regrowth:
Yes, one can get his hairs cut normally as the others get it done.  

Q. How much time does it take for complete regrowth:
The minimum time required to appreciate the result of hair transplantation is between 6-9 months, as the time progresses the hairs becomes thick and achieve the thickness equivalent to the natural hair within 12-16 months.

Q.Is there any age limit for hair transplantation surgery:
There is no upper age limit, even elderly patient of 80 yrs can also think about the procedure provided he is medically fit and the patient’s will to undergo the procedure.

Q.How many sessions are required for complete hair growth:
It depends on the size of the bald area and the density of the donor area. It can vary between1-3 sessions depending upon the individual.

Q. How to compare the quality of hair transplantation:
The quality of hair transplantation can be judged by the direction & orientation of the hairs, the creation of frontal hair line, the distribution of the grafts over the recipient area and the density of hairs/sq.cm of scalp together contribute for a good quality Hair Transplantation.

Q.What is a Mega Session:
Mega session involves transplanting 2000 to 2800 grafts per session.

Q.What is a dense packing:
A dense packing means- the no. of follicles implanted/sq.cm of area. A good dense packing is usually >40 follicular units per sq.cm which prevents the scalp from getting visible between the hairs and giving a balding look.

Q.I am confused between FUT and FUE, which one should I undergo:
FUT (Strip Method) is the most effective method for covering larger bald areas. With this even in a single session we can implant more number of grafts, sometimes amounting to even 3000 grafts or more wheras FUE  although doesn’t leave a linear scar like FUT at the donor area, it leaves tiny scars at the donor site in some patients giving mottled appearance when closely shaved. It is better not to be called as a SCARLESS procedure. Usually it is done at centers, which have very few surgical assistants and moderate infrastructure.

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