Hair Transplantation
Hair Transplantation : Hair transplantation is a popular surgical procedure for growing permanent natural hairs over bald areas of head by transferring a person’s own living hair from the back of the head (Donor Area) to grow permanently in areas of baldness(Recipient Area).It can also be done over the area which is not completely bald but where some hairs are still present. Since, all the roots are not taken out from one place; the donor area is not noticeable and looks the same.

What is Male Pattern Baldness(MPB).
Male Pattern Baldness – also called androgenic Alopecia is the cause of  hair loss in 90% of  men.The androgenic alopecia is an interplay of both genetic  and hormonal factors resulting in  shortening of Anagen phase of hair cycle and miniaturization of hair follicles resulting in baldness.
Causes of hair loss

  1. Androgenic Alopecia – Male/Female Pattern Baldness
  2. Physical stress – Surgery, illness, anemia, rapid weight change
  3. Emotional stress – Mental illness
  4. Thyroid abnormalities
  5. Hormonal changes – Pregnancy, OCPs, menopause.
  6. Medications – High doses of vitamin A (sometimes present in diet supplements), blood pressure medications etc.
  Brief History Of Hair Transplantation (HT):

In 1959,Norman Orentreich from New York reported that hair-bearing scalp (auto-grafts) could be successfully transplanted from the back of the head to the balding front and top. Based upon his experiments, hair restoration surgeries were carried out all over the Western world using 10-20 hair follicles in each punch graft during  the 60s.Owing to the problems of blood nourishment to the center of the graft along with the graft contraction –a peculiar unsightly toothbrush like appearance’ occurred.Dr.Nordstrom was the first to start 4 to 6 follicles in hair grafts & Dr. Headington-the first to start single follicle hair transplant. Follicular unit hair transplant is a long procedure requiring 6-8 hrs of the procedure.It requires careful dissection of the follicles with the help of the trained staff. Single follicle hair graft has about 85-90% survival and 3 follicle hair grafts has a further higher survival rate.

Hair Transplantation
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