Who is Suitable Candidate

How to select a good hair transplant centre :

  • A good Hair transplant centre should always have a highly qualified and experienced Plastic surgeon who is abreast with the latest happenings in the field of Hair restoration.
  • HT surgery is not a one-man show; it requires a big team of surgical assistants that is well trained at the graft separation. So, larger the team, the better the results can be expected.
  • Centers that follow the latest advances and technique in HT surgery are always a safer bet, as newer advances definitely bring better results.
  • Centers should be well equipped with all the latest equipments to carry out the procedure and should have the team capable of using Stereo microscopes.
  • Transplanting more no of grafts in a single session always play a major role in the outcome of the surgery. Hence, decreasing the rate of transaction of follicles and thereby wastage of the precious graft can be done by practicing the open and  no-touch technique of implantation  & thus improving the chances of  survival of the grafts is very important.
  • A hair transplant surgeon who is well versed in Trichophytic closure & making micro-incisions between 0.6-1.3 mm required  for achieving a good density of hairs.
  • Always look for a centre dedicated only for the Hair transplant surgeries as they are doing it day in and out which definitely brings about the desired superior results.
Showing Trichophytic Closure with Negligible Scarring

During the procedure, once the strip is removed from the donor area, the two ends are approximated by suturing. The new method of suturing which significantly reduces the incidence of scar on the donor area is called “Trichophytic Closure”

This method (Trichophytic closure) not only enhances the aesthetic outcome of the surgery but also reduces the post-operative complications by hastening the complete healing of the scar without leaving a trace of it. One can also appreciate the growth of hair from the scar area in the later stages which only underscores that the tissue at the suture area is alive.

To achieve mastery over such a subtle technique, it needs and involves lot of dedication and practice which is possible only at centers devoted completely to Hair transplantation.

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For  HT:

Not all Patients with Hair loss are suitable /require Hair Transplantation.
Patients who are young & in early stages of baldness can be treated with medical therapy to stop  progression of baldness as well as promote hair growth. Frequently, even the younger patients do require hair transplantation depending upon their psychological &social obligations like marriage issues, anxiety, low self-confidence, Location & Area of Baldness etc.
"The donor area always determines the outcome
& A Good donor area has:

  • Laxity of the scalp.
  • Density of the follicular units per sq. cm (> 70 follicular units/ sq.cm)
  • Thicker hair shaft.
  • Big donor area and lesser recipient area (The DEMAND  And  SUPPLY  Theory)
  • No medical contraindications-Severe HT, Uncontrolled Diabetes etc.
  • No bleeding disorders.
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