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Liposuction is a popular surgical procedure for removing  extra fat from specific areas of body particularly the abdomen,buttocks, thighs, arms, face,neck,flanks& chest. The procedure helps remove the accumulated  fat from these areas & give a more defined & appealing shape to the figure.
With the introduction of various refinements in the procedure of this surgery, excellent outcome in terms of final results & overall recovery time has significantly improved. The accumulated fat which takes months to get removed with conservative methods can be removed in a sitting for the people who want to shed the extra fat in a short span of time due to reasons like marriage, job demands, busy schedules making it difficult to carry long duration exercises & proper dietary control . Having said that it must be emphasized that liposuction is neither a substitute for correct dietary habits and  regular exercise schedules. These have their own role in control & maintaining the weight loss achieved after liposuction.
   The Best Candidates For Liposuction

There are  broadly 3 main categories of people who wish to undergo this surgery.
Category - I : These are the ones with nearly normal weight :
Contrary to common perception these are the ideal candidates for liposuction.
They are:

  • Both men and women of normal weight who mainly want to enhance their body shape and contours.
  • People with fat deposits the so called "trouble areas", where exercise and diet does not seem to have any effect- like the love handles, abdomen, hips, arms.
  • People with firm elastic skin, so that when the fat is removed, a smooth appearance over skin is achieved. These people have generally near permanent results.
Category-II : Moderately overweight
These are people with 20-50 percent above their ideal body weight, with fat everywhere but relatively in excess over specific body parts like abdomen, hips etc. These areas undergo liposuction to bring harmony with rest of the body. People finding it difficult to get back in shape with diet and exercise or willing to get slim in short duration for specific occasions are the preferred candidates.
Category-III : Grossly obese
People with 50 percent above their ideal body weight are generally not good candidates for liposuction. These people have bulges everywhere and sometimes they suffer from obesity related conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and hypercholesterolemia. They want liposuction for weight reduction. This group does not benefit from liposuction even though liposuction is possible.
Safety: Liposuction is not meant for loosing weight from overall body. Expecting to loose a more then 6-7 kgs of weight by liposuction can be risky.
Results : Poor, because limited amount of fat that can be removed in one sitting will not give satisfactory look. Unless they change their lifestyle drastically fat will come back.
People wishing to undergo this surgery should be realistic with their expectations as this procedure can only enhance /shape your body contours & increase your confidence levels but does not change your appearance altogether.It is advised that people with significant medical / heart problems should avoid this procedure(are relatively unfit from anaesthesia point of view).

   Brief Outlook of the Surgery
» Anaesthesia : Usually general  Anaesthesia is preferred for optimal comfort.
» Surgical Duration : 1-4 hours(depending on the fat removal)
» Hospitalization Time : Discharge on the same day/next day
» Stitches : Usually none
» Recovery Time : Recovery depends on the amount of fat removed and from which area. Normal daily household walking can be done with normal eating on the same day of surgery. Normal house hold work can be carried out from 2nd day onwards and joining of office work can be done from 4thday onwards.
»  The Surgery : Areas of fat deposits are marked. After giving anaesthesia, those a few 3-4 mm size cuts are made around the area and tumescent fluid is injected into the fat through the holes. Later with hollow metal cannulas (tubes) with holes near the tip are passed through the same holes into the fat (between the skin and the muscle). The cannulas are attached to a liposuction vacuum machine through a plastic tube. Due to the powerful suction of the machine and to and fro movement of the cannula, fat is broken down into small pieces and is sucked out into the jar attached to the machine in liquid form.
   Planning Your Surgery-Thorough Approach Step One : Consultation
During the consultation with Dr. Kumar you will get a detailed discussion regarding the surgery.The patient is assessed for general medical fitness for surgery.There will be a thorough discussion with the patient regarding  the areas of the body to be liposuctioned. One can see the representative clinical pictures of patients(see gallery section) to get satisfied about the surgery & its results.One should come to the consultation with full records/details of any drug allergies,medical treatments& previous surgeries.
Routine diagnostic blood tests are done to assess the fitness level for anaesthesia & surgery.
Dr. Kumar will assess the type of skin, its elasticity, tone & whether this surgery is the best option for you or some other procedure which will give u the best results. A consent form along with detailed preoperative instructions is given to the patient. Step Two : Surgery
You report at the hospital on the morning of surgery. Before taking you inside operation room-the part to be liposuctioned will be marked with the patient standing to shape them to the desired level. Operation is under general or local anaesthesia or a combination of two and it is pain free. Step Three : After Surgery
After surgery there will be a compression garment on the operated part. You can drink water after 4 hours and have some snacks afterwards if you had general anaesthesia and sooner in case of local anaesthesia. You walk and have normal dinner on same evening. Step Four : Recovery
You will be able to do routine household work & activities from the 2nd day onwards &resume the office work from the 4th day onwards. Patient is usually totally fit in a weeks time. Dr. Kumar will monitor your progress & decide whether any additional procedure is needed for the desired looks.

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